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WorkMelon Upgraded


September 5, 2012 by admin

After about 10 minutes of database migration and another 20 or so of general hair pulling, the new WorkMelon is up and seems to be working correctly. Here’s some of the stuff which has been changed in the new version.

  • Major Interface update
  • Changed hours calculation process for payroll
  • Improved reports
  • Ability to automatically email an assignee when you assign a new work order.
  • New user level – owner. Now your account can have owners, managers and assignees.
  • New password reset process.

As I’ve mentioned, you’ll need to use the password reset process before you can start using the system.

Owners should log in and change the company name in the “Company Settings” menu option, and then they should look at the users list and make sure everybody has the correct role.


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